Congratulations!! You did it! πŸŽ‰ 

You made it through pregnancy and your delivery!

What an amazing feat.

Now your focus is on taking care of this amazing tiny bundle of joy.  But, what about you?  What about all that your body has been through?  

Yes, it is time to enjoy your new life with your sweet baby, but that doesn’t mean you have to ignore your own recovery. After all, you literally just made a human being inside of your body. Now that you are on the other side of your pregnancy and your delivery, your body needs care and attention. As a culture attention turns to your baby, but we are here to support and nurture You through your recovery.


Join the Empowered Healing After Baby Program!

βœ”  Receive the support and nurturing you need and deserve

βœ”  Learn How to Feel and Heal After Your Delivery

 βœ”  Finally Get Back to Your Active Self Safely

βœ”  Access the Key(s) to  Your Long-term Pelvic Health

βœ”  Learn From Certified Women’s Health Physical Therapists Specializing in Pelvic Health

βœ”  Access to 5 Group Coaching Calls To Get Your Questions Answered

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Feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, and wondering if you will ever get your body back after having your baby?


You had a baby and now you're suddenly in charge of this beautiful little human being's life. You have to figure out how to pick up, carry, feed, and hold this little one...

You are beyond exhausted and sleep deprived....

YOUR body went through soooo much to get to this point - and suddenly you've taken a backseat to this cute little one attached to your side.

This doesn't feel or look like how you envisioned it, does it?


You're still recovering and you deserve support on your path to long-term healing!

We're here to change this by giving you the support you need and sharing all the things no one ever told you to help your body heal after birth. 


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Does This Sound Familiar?

 βœ” Pregnancy and birth left me with terrible pelvic pain!
βœ” I'm struggling with incontinence and am embarrassed to talk about it.
βœ”  I've had tearing and scarring, now I'm afraid of intimacy.
βœ”  Doctors tell me I'm feeling like this because I had a baby, and there's nothing else to do but live with it. 
βœ”  Bowel movements are uncomfortable and not as easy as they used to be
βœ”  I want help, but I don't have time between my newborn and my own needs.
βœ” My core is weak and my back and shoulders hurt.
βœ” My belly just does not look like I had hoped it would
βœ”  I'm overwhelmed with everything and don't know where to start finding myself again.


 If any of this sounds familiar, we want you to know that you are not alone.


We know because we've seen hundreds of women exactly where you are now, and have created a proven system to help you achieve the balance you need, without the stress.


When these issues are brought to many health care providers, many mamas are encouraged to ignore their symptoms, just wait and hope they will eventually go away on their own. 

Many health care providers just don't know about pelvic physical therapy.


That's why we can't wait to introduce you to the

Empowered Healing After Baby Program!



You don't have to sit quietly and suffer through your aches and pains!


While you only have ONE postpartum six-week check-up with your physician in your first year after your deliver,  your sweet little nugget has at least 6 visits to make sure they grow into happy, healthy children - but what about you?

You need to know that your body deserves attention too. 

All too often, the needs of new mama's are pushed off the table and they are left to suffer or "push through". Unfortunately, this is a very common experience for new mama's in our country. In many countries, this special time is a time for new mother to be taken care of.

Many of the symptoms you're experiencing now can be alleviated with the right tools to support your long-term health. 

We created this program to help mama's just like you, take control of your postpartum recovery, reclaim your health and your body, and receive the knowledge, nurture and support your body deserves.



If you're ready to go from being depleted and defeated to stong and confident, but you need specialists who have been there, done that to guide the way...


We created the Empowered Healing After Baby Program for you!



By the end of this 5-week program you will have the tools you need to take control of your health and the confidence to be the best pain-free mama possible!


You will have taken some much needed time for you!  Your health, your body, and your pelvic floor will now be able to have the health and the strength for what is yet to come!

Once you jump into the course, you will:


βœ”  Learn how to decrease your pelvic pain

βœ”  Strengthen your core muscles 

βœ”  Know how recover from your delivery

βœ”  Safely increase your level of physical activity 

βœ”  Secure your pelvic health for years to come

βœ”  Save yourself from future pain and complications


Included in the program


βœ” Special postpartum nurturing and healing meditation

βœ” Get Your Questions Answered in Five LIVE Group Zoom Coaching Calls

βœ”  5 Weeks of Recorded Videos Trainings and downloadable PDFs to support your learning

βœ”  Demonstrations of Healthy Postures and Body Mechanics

βœ”  Learn How To Determine if You Have a Diastasis Recti and What to Do About It

βœ”  Exercise Strategy Tips to Safely Return To Exercise. It is not just about what you are doing, it’s also about how you’re doing it


✨ Sign up today and get up to THREE BONUS Interactive Calls with Postpartum Specialists! ✨ 


Just by signing up  for the program you’ll gain exclusive access to Postpartum Healthcare Specialists through Group Coaching calls, helping you navigate your postpartum hormones, birth control, chiropractic care, and mental health!

Check out a few of our featured Women's Health Speakers
Claire Rodriguez

Understand your postpartum birth control options

 Jenna Benyounes

Understand what is happening with your hormones in your postpartum period

Dr. Ali Perez, DC

Painful penetration, 
Low Libido, Orgasm ConcernRecurrent Vaginitis, Menopause

We created this program to help women, like you, gain access to the information that's going to dramatically impact your body, your health and your life.


Prior to creating this program, this level of information was only available to women through formal in-person pelvic floor physical therapy.  We know it's not possible for every mama out there to find the time, the money and the resources to attain this knowledge and seek in-person treatment, that's why we've created this easy to follow program!

"It exceeded my expectations because I learned so much and I really wish I had known the information before my first pregnancy."

- EHAB Participant

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If you're ready to feel normal again, and build better health for your tomorrow,

you're in the right place


We understand the special needs your body has right now. Working with the prenatal and postpartum population for decades, we have identified key tools that can be used to alleviate many pregnancy and postpartum related symptoms. These tools can help your body and ward off long term consequences even years later.

βœ”  Learn how to recover from your delivery

βœ”  Learn step-by-step how to properly Kegel and gain strength in your muscles

βœ”  Receive tools to manage bowel and bladder dysfunction

βœ”   Learn about pelvic organ prolapse and how to mitigate future pelvic problems

βœ”  Understand barriers that may affect your return to intimacy

βœ”  Receive all of this and more, from supportive health care providers who understand that your needs

Before launching our program, women would have to visit their physical therapist multiple times and often wait weeks to months just to learn the information we're sharing with you today

costing them upwards of $2500! 


 You need this information now to heal, recover, and prevent future pelvic issues. You deserve to be the healthiest mama possible. 

We want you to have this information now, not ten years after you have your baby, at a price that you can afford - and with the flexibility to learn when you have time, no matter where you are.

"I feel more knowledgeable and confident. I also feel like I have tips to share as well."

-EHAB Participant

Here's how the program breaks down...


β˜…  5 different modules to help you take control of your postpartum health. 

β˜… Each week a new module of prerecorded videos and handouts will be released. Videos are short, five to ten minutes each, so they are easy to fit into your new busy lifestyle.

β˜… Watch and learn from the material in your own time, in your own way, on your laptop, Ipad or smart phone. 

β˜… Receive the support of a postpartum community with access to a private facebook group

β˜… Participate in FIVE LIVE group coaching calls with one of your instructors where you can ask your individualized questions.



Recovery After Delivery

Delivering a baby is hard on your body. For some, much more than others. You’ll start your journey by learning easy and effective tools to assist your body in healing after your delivery, including how to protect and care for your back while you’re taking care of your baby.

We’ll cover what no one else talks about, taking care of your perineum, your perineal scar and/or your abdominal scar so you can enjoy a full active and intimate life without having to feel pain or discomfort in your pelvis.


βœ”  Caring For Your Perineum Immediately After Delivery 

βœ”   Caring For Your Ceserean Section Scar

βœ”   Perineal Scar Managment

βœ”  Body Ergonomics For Breast Feeding

βœ”  Body Ergonomics For Caring For Your Baby

"Many times we don't seek out help to prepare ourselves especially when others have "suffered through it"... it may not even be seen as an option to prepare our bodies"

-EHAB Participant


Your Bowel Health 

Whether you had a vaginal delivery or a C Section, your digestion and elimination is strongly affected. Having trouble with bowel movements is difficult under normal circumstances, but especially so after delivering your baby.  Take care of your body basics by taking control of your digestive system so you can easily and painlessly have a BM, helping your body feel healthy and light.


βœ”  Learn About Your Digestive Health 

βœ”  Understand What Is Healthy For Bowel Health and Determine If You Have Constipation

βœ”  Learn Dietary Tips For Easier BM

βœ”  Receive Tips For Your First Few Bowel Movements After Delivering Your Baby

βœ”   More Toileting Suggestions For Smooth and Easy BMs

βœ”  Understand How You Can Massage Your Abdomen to Improve Your Digestive Motility and Decrease Constipation

"A more clear understanding of what I was told just goes along with pregnancy are actually things that can be addressed like stress incontinence and digestive issues and pelvic floor issues and all of these things that are kind of swept under the rug as that is just the way pregnancy is versus these are things you can address and some of those things you don’t have to deal with"

- EHAB Participant


Your Bladder Health

Urinary problems are super common after having a baby. And just because bladder issues are common does not mean they are normal! In this module, you will learn special tips and tools to improve and eliminate urinary incontinence and other bladder issues that affect you so that you can be active without having to wear a pad and stop obsessing about where the bathroom is whenever you leave the house.


βœ”  Learn All About Your Bladder Health

βœ”  Understand How Frequently You Should Be Emptying Your Bladder

βœ”  Understand The Different Types of Urinary Incontinence

βœ”  Learn An Easy Technique To Calm Your Bladder Urgency and Frequency

βœ”  Learn What You Can Do To Decrease Your Urinary Leaking

βœ”  Learn How To Do A Proper Kegel

βœ” Answer The Question… Should You Kegel or Should You Not Kegel?

"I have gained a whole new awareness of the pelvic floor!"

- EHAB Particpant


Your Pelvic Health: POP and Return to Intimacy 

Another common effect of your pregnancy and delivery is pelvic organ prolapse. Not being proactive and helping yourself early on can have strong deleterious effects on your pelvic health later in life. Understand what POPs are and how to improve and prevent your organs from losing any more support. You will learn to properly Kegel, whether you should be doing your Kegels, and  tips to help you enjoy pain-free intimacy with your partner.


βœ”   Learn All About Your Pelvic Floor and Pelvic Anatomy

βœ”  Understand What a Cystocele Is

βœ”  Understand What a Rectocele Is

βœ”  Understand What a Pelvic Organ Prolapse

βœ” Learn How To Help Your Prolapse

βœ”  Understand How Your Breath Can Affect Your Prolapse

βœ”  A PT’s Thoughts About Returning To Intimacy

"I learned about ways to prevent tearing and ways to care for your perineum and scar management as well as intimacy after were all things that have made me a little less anxious and more prepared!"

- EHAB Participant


Safe Return to Activities and Exercise:

Most postpartum mamas want to know when they can begin to exercise to help regain the body they had prior to their pregnancy and delivery. In this module you will learn how to determine if you have a diastasis recti and what to do about it. You will learn  how to properly engage and begin to strengthening your inner core muscles to decrease your low back pain and safely return to your desired activities and exercise.


βœ” What is a Diastasis Recti 

βœ”  Diaphragmatic Breathing

βœ”  Understand How To Engage Your Transversus Abdominis 

βœ” Learn How To Engage Your Multifidi Muscles 

βœ”  Putting It All Together… Your Pelvic Brace

βœ”  Your Inner Core… Safe Exercise Suggestions

"I feel more knowledgeable and confident. I also feel like I have tips to share as well"

- EHAB Participant

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This course was made for Mama's by Mama's, who are experts in their field- 

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Listen while your nurse.

Learn while taking your little one on a walk.

Watch while they sleep.

Play it on your trip to the doctor.

Whatever you need to do, bring us along to share with you ways to improve your long-term pelvic health and heal your body, feel good, and get back to being the best mama you can be.

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Our Course Guarantee

The COURSE NAME GUARANTEE We're Behind you! Explain guarantee here, what it's all about, why you're confident they won't need to use it and what they need to do if they do wnat to request a refund.

Meet Your Women's Health Pelvic Physical Therapists

Your Program Creators devoted to helping women heal today for a better tomorrow!

Jennifer Chu

MS, PT, WCS, Mind-Body Health Coach

Jennifer Chu

MS, PT, WCS, Mind-Body Health Coach

Ellicia Jacobs


After decades of helping hundreds of postpartum patients as pelvic floor physical therapists, we can confidently tell you:


You are deserving in your quest for a healthy body after birth! 


We're here to show you techniques and holistic therapies to aid your body during this new season of your life! And, to let you know, you are not alone if you're wondering why no one told you what you're about to learn in this program!

Postpartum patients come to us every day to learn what we have to teach them, most of the time they are shocked that their own health care providers aren't giving them this information, so they can get the help they need. 

This forces many Mama's to become their own advocates. Unfortunately many are unable to attend (or afford) six to ten in-person physical therapy sessions to acquire the knowledge we share in the Empowered Healing After Baby Program.

We're so dedicated to getting you the answers you need to heal, that we've included 5 group coaching sessions throughout the program, ensuring YOUR questions finally get answered!

We created this program to help you take control of your pelvic health and find balance again no matter your circumstances!

This program is designed for you in mind, knowing that life can feel crazy, hectic, and stressful. You can learn how to help your body recover while in the convenience of your own home and in your own time.

 We both strongly feel that every postpartum woman deserves to have this knowledge after they have their baby so they can return to the life they deserve!

We don't want to see you in our clinic one year after, or five years after or even fifteen years after having your baby, like we have seen hundreds of postpartum women in our physical therapy practice. When these mamas find us and start learning what we have to teach them, they constantly tell us how much they wished they had found us years earlier. They had been suffering with problems that could have been helped years before!

 Don’t let that be you!

What Mama's Are Saying

"This course is a perfect example of you don't know what you don't know until it's exposed!"

"Many times we don't seek out help to prepare ourselves especially when others have "suffered through it" it may not even be seen as an option to prepare our bodies."

If you're ready to  start healing,

now is the time!


Join the Empowered Healing After Baby Program and gain exclusive access to information previously only shared with women after 6 or more patient visits!

 Take a bit of time to give yourself what you need and what you deserve.  This one-of-a-kind program will teach you what you need to know to protect your body, return back to physical activity safely, and safeguard your body from future aches and pains.


Sign up today and join in 5 group coaching calls so you can take advantage of the knowledge of a live pelvic health physical therapist while personalizing and focusing your experience on what you need to know.

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Total Program Value: $2050

With Bonuses Over $3500!


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If you're still reading, there's something holding you back.

You may be asking yourself....

Not sure if this program is for you?

You've read through a LOT of information on the course  so far, but you might still be wondering- 

Is this program really for me?

Fully healing from your pregnancy and delivery is truly a journey. Even with knowing all of this information, it took me YEARS to feel that I fully healed after my second delivery!

To thank you for spending your limited learning about our program, I want to offer you this free gift to help support where you are today, and ensure you can do everything possible to assist your body in healing as completely and fully as possible!



Take the next step towards a pain free future and join Empowered Healing After Baby today!  

The knowledge you learn in this course will teach you ways to support your postpartum recovery no matter what postpartum stage you are in. You will gain knowledge on supporting your new body’s health and return to function on all levels, from pelvic health and healthy posture and body mechanics, to a better understanding of factors affecting your returning to intimacy and safe exercise.  

You’re going to walk away from this program with knowledge that you typically only attain through multiple sessions of in person formal pelvic floor physical therapy.

Once you learn the information and tools in this program you will be less likely to be pulled away by your worries and concerns about your own body. You will be able to be more present and fully enjoy your new life with your sweet little one!  

You will have taken control of your recovery, your body, and your pelvic health and be more comfortable with what is yet to come, knowing you have done everything in your power to ensure a healthy body for decades to come.


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